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Rodner Figueroa

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is a fashion brand specialized in creating comfortable, elegant, sophisticated and easy-to-wear feminine silhouettes. The spirit of the brand lies in creating garments that make every woman feel beautiful and sophisticated with a classic and effortless style.


Rodner Figueroa has been part of the fashion world for more than two decades as a fashion journalist covering countless runway shows in the United States, Europe and Latin America. All the while, forming close friendships with acclaimed fashion designers from whom he learned the ins and outs of the business.

Per Rodner's request,

our top priority is to revalue his logo for this project. This task is crucial to maintain the recognition and trajectory built over the years. The project's main requirement is to refine the logo and give it a more sophisticated and minimalist look. Additionally, we aim to create a visual identity with behavioral guidelines for both print and digital systems.


We designed the user experience, including the navigation and structure of their online store, defining typography, photographic style, and logo management in all its versions.

Rodner Figueroa
United States
Concept, Logo Re-design & Brand Strategy