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The Pilates Studio

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The Pilates Studio
El Salvador
Concept, Logo Design & Brand Strategy 

Located in El Salvador,

this Pilates Studio aims to enhance your physical fitness while also nurturing your well-being through Pilates.

The client asked us to design a modern and elegant logo that would transmit serenity and well-being without sacrificing elegance and exclusivity.

Choosing a color palette that represented tranquility and femininity, such as soft greens, light blues, and neutral tones, we built a feminine brand that allows itself to be recognized and established in digital platforms where it has a presence as a luxury reference in the pilates industry.

Developing the visual identity required the utmost importance, so we used clean and legible typography to reinforce the brand's elegance. The client continues to use and apply the image we built for him in 2020, making our logo proposal one of the best projects in our studio's history for its timelessness and developability.